Understand your true Zakat

Why Zakat.fyi?

Zakat is one of the foundations of our religion: a means for purifying our wealth and taking care of our society. However, it can be challenging to know whether you have calculated your zakat fully and correctly.

If you are like us, you want to make sure that you perfectly perform this pillar of Islam, without any mistakes in the amount of zakat you pay. We created Zakat.fyi to make the process of performing your zakat a lot more transparent and easy to understand.

In particular, Zakat.fyi includes:

  • A detailed explanation of 28 kinds of assets and liabilities that are factored into zakat
  • The correct way to handle financial investments, such as stocks, mutual funds, and special accounts like 401(k) plans
  • A breakdown of various kinds of debt (including mortgages) that affect the Zakat calculation
  • Live prices of gold and silver for accurate Zakat calculation
  • Correct handling of different currencies

The Methodology

To save you the time of going through endless forums and asking your local imams for their opinion, we created Zakat.fyi to serve you as a secure and Shariah-compliant tool.

Our tool uses Sheikh Joe Bradford's Simple Zakat Guide methodology. In the future, inshaAllah, we expect to launch more accredited opinions from other Islamic Finance experts you can trust.

Meet the Team

We are a group of young Muslim entrepreneurs who have previously launched initiatives for the Muslim community such as MasjidTime, Tarjimly, and Tarteel. Contact us through our Facebook page.


We've designed Zakat.fyi with your privacy in mind. No member of the Zakat.fyi team can see your individual financial information. For your convenience, we store your financial information locally (on your computer) so that you can easily pick up from where you left off when filling out the Zakat calculator. Additionally, we store aggregate metrics, but these are not linked to your personal information.

Support Us

If you have used our calculator and found it useful, please consider donating to help us cover our running costs. Your donation helps keep the spirit of entrepreneurship alive in the Ummah. Support us with as little as the cost of one cup of coffee.

We have a lot more features planned to make your zakat experience run as smoothly as possible. We appreciate your donation, and pray for blessings in your effort to please Allah SWT through your Zakat calculation and payment.